District Newsletter

THE PRIDE is the Center Point-Urbana CSD’s district newsletter that is published monthly.  The content of The PRIDE is created by adults including district, building, and department leaders while the production (assembling) of The PRIDE is done by the CPU HS Publications Class.

Beginning with the 2022-23 school year, CPU CSD implemented a Communications Plan in order to better serve the district’s students, staff, families, and stakeholders.  The PRIDE has always been a source of information for both the district and community and plays a large part in the communication’s plan.

One essential component of CPU’s Communications Plan was to involve students in the district’s communication process which is why—while the content of The PRIDE will continue to be created by adults—the production will occur by students via the HS Publications Class.

The PRIDE Advisor:  Mrs. Shayla Stacey   |   sstacey@cpuschools.org