Public Notices

Many new laws related to public education were passed by the Iowa State Legislature and signed by Governor Reynolds in the last legislative session.

Policy 213: Public Participation in Board Meetings

The district is now required to share a copy of Policy 213. This policy outlines how members of the public may participate in School Board meetings and how to petition the Board to place a topic on one of its meeting agendas. Link to Policy 213.

503.08: Discipline of Students Who Make Threats of Violence or Cause Incidents of Violence

This policy is for different grade levels that describe how a school district or charter school may discipline a student for making a threat of violence or causing an incident of violence that results in injury or property damage or assault. Link to Policy 503.08

605.03: Objection to Instructional Materials and related Regulations

It is now a requirement that the school district provide a copy of policies and regulations related to possible objections to the use of certain instructional and library materials. Policy 605.3, Regulation Code 605.3R1, and Form 605.3E5 provide guidelines to follow if you have a concern regarding materials in use in the district.

Policy 605.3 is a mandatory policy outlining that members of of the school district community may object to the instructional and library materials utilized in the school district and ask for their use to be reconsidered. Link to Policy 605.3

Regulation Code 605.3R1 outlines the process one would follow to request the reconsideration of the use of some learning materials in the district. Link to Regulation 605.3R1

Form Code 605.3E5 is the form you would use as a parent if you did not wish for your child to access a certain library book or instructional material. Link to Form 605.3E5