Complaint/Concern Guide and Process

The Center Point-Urbana Community School District understands that stakeholders including students, parents, families, and community members will have concerns or complaints about school-related matters.

A detailed explanation/guide on voicing a concern is here.

Per Board Policy 213.01: Public Complaints and Board Policy 401.04: Employee Complaints, the Board firmly believes concerns should be resolved at the lowest organizational level by those individuals closest to the concern.

The below Guide for Addressing Complaints and Concerns as well as the Center Point-Urbana CSD’s Organizational Structure outlines the process including who to contact when you have a complaint or concern.

This process is in place to ensure respective leaders remain impartial should a complaint or concern continue to escalate to different levels (from the classroom all the way to the School Board) as part of due process for all involved parties.

Complaints and Concerns

Guide for Addressing Complaints and Concerns (PDF with hyperlinks)

Guide For Addressing Concerns