Reconsideration Committee for Objection to Instructional Materials

This committee relates to Board Policy 605.03 and its lateral exhibits and regulations which can be found on the Simbli site.

The committee is made up of seven members:

The Reconsideration Committee
(1) One licensed employee designated annually, as needed, by the superintendent.
(2) Two teacher-librarians designated annually by the superintendent.
(3) One member of the administrative team designated annually by the superintendent.
(4) Three members of the community are appointed annually, as needed, by the board.

Reconsideration Committee

Annual Community Member Survey To Be Considered For the Reconsideration Committee
Annually in August, the district will ask for community members (parents, residents, and business owners) who are interested in being considered for this committee to please fill out the following survey.

The Center Point-Urbana CSD school board will annually appoint three members.

Click here to be considered for the Reconsideration Committee: 2023-24 School Year

This year’s survey will close on… Monday, December 11, 2023 at 4:00 pm.

Thank you for your commitment to CPU!


John W. Elkin, Superintendent