Sex Offender Registrant Request Form

The Center Point-Urbana CSD School District recognizes the danger sex offenders may
pose to student safety. Therefore, to protect students while they travel to and from
school, attend school or at school-related activities, the district has implemented procedures aligned with Iowa state law.

State law prohibits a person who is currently registered or is required to register under
the sex offender registration act due to conviction for a sex offense against a minor
unless that person is a student in that school from:

1. Being present on school property or being in any school vehicle when the vehicle
is transporting students, unless enrolled as a student at the school, without the
consent of the building administrator or designee (see form)

2. Loitering within 300 feet of the school’s boundary.

3. Being employed by, a volunteer at, or acting as a contractor at a school.

    This form shall be used to document the Principal’s response to an individual’s, on the Sex Offender Registry (SOR) (hereinafter “registrant”) request to come onto school grounds.

    Registrants whose request is granted shall keep a copy of this completed form with them each time they come onto school grounds.

    Registrant recognizes that permission to be on school grounds is at the discretion of the principal or designee. Permission is granted for the sole reason, time, location, etc. listed on the form. Registrant recognizes that he/she is not permitted to be in any location, including restrooms, other than that listed on the submitted form.

    Sex Offender Registrant Request Form