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Welcome to Center Point-Urbana High School!

The mission of the Center Point-Urbana High School is to develop positive and productive individuals interested in life long learning by providing a caring environment, a challenging curriculum and a dedicated staff.


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Our Team 13415 Electric Storm shared their interviewing process and answered a wide range of questions on robot design, portfolio content, outreach to the community, and more. The zoom was with 7 teams in Greece that are new to the FIRST Tech Challenge robotics program.

NEW E-sports Club

The CPU Esports team started their official season during the fall of 2023.  The team competes in the Iowa High School Esports Association where we play against schools from across the State of Iowa.  Esports, for those who don’t know, is competitive gaming, and is the fastest growing sport in the world.  At the collegiate level, schools now offer scholarships for Esports and some players will go on to play at the professional level.  As with any other sport, we compete, have fun, and strive to grow as a team and as individuals.  One of the greatest things about Esports is the fact that anyone can compete, it is open to both genders and there are no physical ability requirements.  The team is coached by the Center Point Parks & Recreation Director, Ryan Anderson.  Ryan has had a passion for Esports that really began to flourish during the COVID shutdown which forced him to look for competitive programming opportunities that could be conducted remotely.  For this 2023 season CPU is competing in the following titles: 

  • Fall Season Title: SMITE
  • Winter Season Title: Rocket League
  • Spring Season Title: ValorantSign up NOW in the office!

*Titles may change due to student interest, additional titles and a Junior Varsity team may be added depending on the number of student athletes involved.    

Check out the Iowa High School Esports Association website for additional information and for updated standings:  https://www.iahsea.org/home_1


The high school office has moved to the east side of the entrance (right) effective immediately. The district office will be located to the west (left) . Look for the signs. Also Mr. Kriegel and the activities will be operating from the Student Service Center (SSC).

We believe that…

  • Education is a partnership of school, home and community.
  • Respect is a cornerstone for learning.
  • Diversity in individuals should be accepted and nurtured.
  • Education thrives best in a positive, friendly environment.
  • Open communication promotes understanding.
  • What is best for students is best for education.

Positive School Climate

A major component of our high school curriculum revolves around student recognition and services which extend beyond the walls of the classroom. Traditional values in education, combined with an air of warmth and caring, support our belief that learning will only occur in a positive and rewarding environment.

In addition to academics, we have over thirty three co-curricular programs for students to get involved in. Student involvement is over 80%. Many will find one of their interests in at least one of the programs.

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