Facilities Improvement

During the 2021-22 school year, the district began engaging in the process to examine improving its facilities. This involved the hiring of INVISION Architecture to help lead this process. A Community Task Force was also assembled in order to gain feedback from parents, community, and business stakeholders. As well, several Staff Focus Groups also provided valuable input for the vision of CPU’s future.

Since July 2023, the district has been developing a Master Facilities Roadmap and in January, 2024, had its first Work Session as part of the planning phase.

This page will be used to serve as a central location for information, documents, etc. as the district moves forward with Master Facility Planning.

June 2024 Board Work Session Presentation Featuring INVISION, The Donovan Group, and Community Task Force Members

CPU Master Facilities Plan Community Input Meeting Presentation (April 2024)

Video of April 2024 Community Input Meeting Presentation

Survey Link To Provide Input on Options A-B-C

CPU Master Facilities Plan (2022)

Summary of Future Bonding Capacity (1/2/2024)