Return To Learn Plan

Per requirements by the department of education, we are required to post our Return to Learn Plan as long as ESSER III funds are received.  We will review our Return to Learn Plan every six months.  Modifications and amendments to our most recent plan will be based on current health trends of the local area, as well as recommendations and requirements received from the Iowa Department of Public Health, the Iowa Department of Education, and both the Linn and Benton County Departments of Public Health.

Academic Plan

Currently, the Center Point-Urbana School District operates under its normal processes and procedures.  We will continue to follow all state and federal laws, including all students attending school full-time, in-person.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are optional for students, staff, and visitors in our buildings.

Social Distancing

Social distancing will not be required or maintained in the school setting. A priority will be placed on maximizing instruction and collaboration in the classroom environment.

Class Cohorts

Classes will not be required to cohort and will be allowed to intermix as deemed appropriate for instruction and play. Desks and tables will be arranged to maximize instruction and collaboration rather than maximizing physical distance.

Visitors and Volunteers

Visitors and volunteers will be allowed in CPU classrooms following typical pre-COVID procedures and guidelines

Modifications to the Current Plan

The Center Point-Urbana CSD School Board, Administrative team, and Directors, along with our school Nurses will continually monitor the health concerns based on updates from the various agencies included in our plan.  We will notify the school district students, staff, and parents/guardians if changes occur.

Illness and Covid related Health Concerns

Please visit our Health & Nursing Services page regarding health guidelines when it comes to your child.