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Online Registration (OLR) for the 2023-24 School Year will began on… Wednesday, April 25.

The district uses Infinite Campus as its Student Information System (SIS) to facilitate Online Registration (OLR). For more information as well as “How To…” guides about our SIS, please visit our Infinite Campus Resource Center.

Kiosk for Parents/Guardians Without Technology: A kiosk (Chromebook, etc.) will be available in the Main Office of each building for a parent/guardian who does not have access to technology.

Fees: Fee payments will not be available until August 1 at which time more information will be made available.

Free and Reduced Application: Free and Reduced Application will be available on August 1 at which time more information will be made available.

Online Registration (OLR)
Existing FamiliesClick this button for Existing Families if you have one or more students currently enrolled in CPU schools.

Note that the Infinite Campus App currently does not support OLR… you will need to use a computer/laptop/etc.

1. Select the “Campus Parent” portal.
2. Next select “More” from the left-side menu.
3. Then click “Online Registration”.
4. Select the correct 2023-24 school year to register for.
5. Begin the Registration Process to enroll your student.

NOTE: Registration is not final until all steps have been
New Families
Click this button for New Families if you have no students currently enrolled in CPU schools. This includes required documents for enrollment.

1.  Select the option “Start New Registration”.
2.  Select “23-24” for the year you are registering.
3. Begin the registration process.
PRIOR to registering your child, please be ready to provide the following information:

Household information
Address and phone numbers

Parent information
Work and cell phone numbers, email addresses

Student information
Demographic as well as both health/medication information

Emergency contacts
Phone numbers, etc.
ActivitiesPlease click this button to register for activities including athletics.
Open Enrollment Information & Application
Iowa DEClick the Iowa DE logo for Open Enrollment Application and Information.


Please contact:

District Registrar:  Lisa Kember

Phone: (319) 849-1102 Ext. 6011