PTO at CPU is a parent/teacher-run, parent/teacher-supported, organization geared towards helping the Center Point-Urbana teachers excel when teaching our children by supporting their needs. We are funded by parent and community donations and one primary fundraiser.

One Fundraiser Each Year

CPU-PTO has gone to one fundraiser each year.  It occurs in the fall of the school year.  This one fundraiser, typically a Walkathon, supports many school related as well as family and child centered activities throughout the school year.  

Some of the activities the PTO supports from the one annual fundraiser are:

  • SeeSaw Application license used in both schools as a safe line of communication–$12,000 expense/3 years
  • Donuts w/ Dad (September/October)-$1,000 expense
  • Trick or Treating Event at the Primary each fall (October)–$1,000 expense
  • Parent Teacher Conferences meals for teachers (October and March)–$500 expense
  • Family Movie Night (December)–$350 expense
  • Family Game Night (January/February)-$300 expense
  • Intermediate School Sock Hop (March)–$500 expense
  • Muffins w/ Mom (April/May)–$1,000 expense
  • 5th Grade students and teachers attend a Fine Arts event-$1500 expense
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (May) $500 expense

Family Activities Sponsored by CPU-PTO Throughout the School Year

  • Donuts w/ Dad (September/October)
  • Trick or Treating Event at the Primary each fall (October)
  • Family Movie Night (December)
  • Family Game Night (January/February)
  • Intermediate School Sock Hop (March)
  • Roller Skating in Vinton (February/March)
  • CPU Day at the Kernels (April/May)
  • Muffins w/ Mom (April/May)

Want to donate?

Center Point-Urbana PTO provides an alternative way for parents, grandparents, and friends to make donations outside of the typical selling/fundraising efforts. By making a direct contribution to “CPU PTO,” you can help raise funds to fulfill student and staff needs at Center Point-Urbana Schools.

Your direct contribution is worth more than any other fundraising money because:

  • 100% of your contribution goes directly toward targeted projects
  • It is tax-deductible
  • Your employer may match your contribution up to 100%

How to be active with CPU-PTO?

There are many ways to be active with the CPU-PTO.  Listed below are just a few ways:

  1. Volunteer to provide a portion of the Parent Teacher Conference(PTC) meals.  A sign up genius is sent out 2 weeks prior to the PTC’s.
  2. Take part in one or more of the family activities listed above.
  3. Donate to the ONE CPU-PTO fundraiser each fall.  The dollars allow the PTO to provide family activities at little to no cost to families.
  4. Attend the CPU-PTO executive committee meetings throughout the school year.  The executive committee is made up of teacher representatives and parent representatives who meet to plan and carry out the activities throughout the school year. No experience needed, just volunteers to attend the meetings.   The tentative 2021/2022 school year meeting dates are:
    • In July (lunch meeting), August 10th, September 7th, January 10th, March 7th, April 4th-all by Zoom.  October 11th in person to discuss a long-range plan for the PTO Funds
    • Zoom Meetings:  a link to the meeting will be sent out by the school secretary the day of the meeting.  Meeting start time:  6:30
    • In person meeting in October:  Location:  Red Pod at the primary building in Center Point.  Start Time: 6:30

CPU PTO Fundraising Video