This is a step-by-step overview of the Accelerated Reader Program.  The goal of the program is to have students read independently, improve reading comprehension, and promote the importance of reading as a life-long skill. 

  • The student will take a STAR reading test on the computer every fall, winter and spring.  This test has many different types of questions ranging from reading comprehension questions to identifying correct terminology such as theme.  This test will give the student a book level range that they can read from.  The book level is NOT a grade level.  For instance, a book level of 4.7 does not mean that this is a 4th grade book.
  • The student will have a folder that has their book range on it.  It also has the score they earned on the STAR test. They will record their test score on a pink sheet every time they take the test. This sheet will be kept in their folder.
  • The student will then find a book in their book range.  The book range allows the student to read books that are challenging but not too difficult.  Teacher discretion may be used to assist students for book range.  They can use the school library, the public library, or an e-book.  It does not have to be a book in our library.  There are over 130,000 books in the program. The following website can assist you in finding books in this program.
  • The student will have to read three books and pass the tests during the 1st quarter in 6th grade.  They will have to read and pass the test on four books for the other quarters.  The 6th grade language arts teachers will assist all students with the first book as they will read it together and then take the test together.   7th Graders will need to read 4 books and pass the tests each quarter The 8th Grade will have only a point goal each quarter.
  • The student will also have a point goal for each quarter.  The goal is determined by their score on the STAR test.  As the years go on, the student and teacher work together to determine the goal for each quarter.
  • The tests are taken on the computer during school time.  
  • The scores they earn on the AR tests do go in the gradebook for language arts. Ten percent of their grade will be the scores they earn on the AR tests.  If a student gets an 85% or above, it goes in the gradebook as a 100%.  Passing the test means they earned a 60% or a 70% depending on how many questions there are on the test.  Students may not retake a test.
  • Each time they take a STAR test their book level can change.  We do always take the highest score the student has ever earned for their book level.
  • Students earn CPU Money for points earned reading.  We have an AR store where they can purchase items.