Welcome to CPU Primary!

Sarah Tobiason is the Principal at CPU Primary. She, along with 60 teachers and staff members, is committed to student learning each school day.  They work hard to ensure every student makes growth in their learning during the school year.  

CPU Primary was built in 1999. The school building is also a source of pride for the Center Point-Urbana community. It boasts 96,000 square feet of space available for students including collaborative learning spaces for each grade level called “Pods”, one art studio, one music room, a full sized gymnasium, a separate lunchroom “MP Room”, and over thirty-five classroom and learning spaces. A new, secured entry was completed in the summer of 2016 to enhance building security.  As well, all external doors remained locked during the school day for the safety of our students.

The school has a full-time guidance counselor. The Primary and Intermediate buildings share a full-time teacher-librarian, full-time art teacher, full-time music teacher, full-time PE teacher.  The two buildings share a full-time nurse and health secretary. Every student at CPU Primary experiences PE, Art, Music, Media, and Guidance classes each week.  There is a full-release Instructional Coach and reading support personnel to assist our students with reading and math skills.  Six special education teachers are available for students who present unique learning needs.

We welcome you to visit our school! All visitors to the building will be directed to the front office. Please call our office (319-849-1102) to arrange a visit.